What's On the Menu? 5 Tips for Getting the Most Value From Fast Food

Many people think of fast food meals as generally being cheap dining options. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make them even cheaper and more economical, however.

If you eat fast food meals on a routine basis and want to do whatever you can to increase their value, you’re in luck. Finding excellent fast food deals is a job that simply calls for patience, diligence and motivation. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Drink Water

H20 seems dull, but it can actually save you a significant chunk of money on fast food meals. Unlike soda, tea, coffee and juice, it’s 100 percent free, too. It’s also good for your health. You can’t exactly say the same thing about the other mentioned beverages.

If you want to quickly and easily enjoy better fast food prices, steer clear of the pricey coffee drinks and juices. Opt for good old-fashioned water instead. You won’t just save money, either. You’ll also save yourself a lot of unnecessary calories. Who needs to consume seemingly countless empty calories day in and day out, anyway?

  1. Assess Fast Food Restaurant Value Meals Carefully

You should never believe that fast food restaurant “value meal” options are necessarily the most economical. When you consider their size, they often are not.

If you’re ordering chicken nuggets at a fast food joint, don’t make the mistake of assuming that the six-piece set is the one with the best value. There’s a strong chance that it won’t be. If you take the couple of seconds necessary to do the math, you may discover that opting for a pair of four-piece meals may actually cost you less money.

There are other advantages, too. Ordering two meals instead of just one can get you the convenience of extra dipping sauces. If you like dipping your chicken nuggets in sweet and sour or barbecue sauce, you’ll be able to get extra without even having to ask.

Frugal folks should always closely assess fast food menus prior to making any choices. It’s crucial to remember that so-called value meals don’t always necessarily offer the most value.

  1. Ask About Pizza Delivery Failures

Pizza has a lot in common with hamburgers and French fries in that it’s a major staple in the fast food universe. If you want to get a pizza for cheap, take initiative. Pick up your telephone like you’re about to place an order for a pie. Ask the staff member who answers if the restaurant has had any delivery failures — these are unsuccessful home pie deliveries — so far that day.

If the employee says yes, ask if you can order one of them. You may just be able to order the pizza for a dramatically reduced cost. You may even be able to get it totally free of charge! That’s even better.

  1. Research Fast Food Restaurants That Offer Free Meals to Children

It isn’t at all uncommon for people to complain about fast food prices going up. It isn’t all bad news, however. That’s because there are still a number of popular fast food establishments that serve children for free.

If you want to stretch your dollars, search for local fast food restaurants that offer free kiddie meals. If you can’t any that do that, look for options that offer highly inexpensive kiddie meals. You’ll definitely be able to find a good number of those.

There are quite a few fast food establishments that serve free or cheap children’s meals on specific days of the week. There are also quite a few establishments that do so at specific times of the day. If you want to boost the value of your fast food dining experience, nothing can really beat getting a meal or two for free.

  1. Concentrate on Secret Menus

The famed “secret menu” may be able to help you save a lot of money on all of your upcoming fast food meals. Some people aren’t aware of the fact that restaurants everywhere have secret menu items that aren’t listed for the general public to see. If you diligently comb the secret menu available at a fast food restaurant, you may be able to enjoy some excellent money-saving opportunities.

If you like big and juicy hamburgers, you don’t necessarily have to order the biggest and best option you see on the menu. Some fast food secret menus give customers the chance to replace well-known menu items with other options that are similar yet markedly more budget-friendly. If you want to save money on a big burger classic, forget the ketchup and pickles for the time-being and instead satisfy your appetite with the addition of additional onions and lettuce. Your secret menu hamburger may even come with a delectable “special sauce” for your taste buds.

People often save lots of money by looking for rare deals that are available on secret menus.

Conclusion: Take Your Time to Get the Most Out of Fast Food

It’s not at all difficult to optimize fast food value. It is, however, a task that requires dedication and effort. It’s also a task that calls for a driven personality. You have to be willing to ask fast food restaurant staff members about any secret menu options that may be available to you. You have to take the time to call local fast food establishments to ask about potentially free meals or abandoned pizza delivery orders.

If you take initiative and aren’t afraid, you should be able to enjoy a lot of success. It’s crucial to refrain from being lazy and slapdash. Saving lots of money on fast food meals often requires good mathematical skills. Calculation errors can frequently cost people a lot of money. If you want to eat fast food meals cheaply whenever you want, your goal should be to be as focused, precise and efficient as possible.

Linda Nguyen from Austin / Shutterstock.com

Linda Nguyen from Austin / Shutterstock.com