Top Health Insurance Providers in India

The healthcare industry in India is one of the largest industries in the country. According to a report by the World Health Organization in 2017, India’s healthcare sector was ranked 112 out of 190. Lately, however, the sector is characterized not by its quality, but by its massive growth due to privatization.

India’s healthcare system is sprawling, and there are still major differences in quality between the care India’s urban and rural areas receive. Not to mention, the disparity between private and public healthcare as well. Despite these differences, both local and international communities treat India’s healthcare system with high regard. This is because India’s private healthcare sector delivers high quality care at an affordable price.

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Ever since the inception of the Ministry of Health in India, the government has continued to adjust the healthcare sector to make it accessible to everyone. Their main objective is to reach those in the rural areas, where health services are poorer than those in the urban regions. The inadequate regional coverage forces residents to seek private healthcare. The poorer individuals who cannot afford to pay for private care may find it hard to access any health services. Fortunately, there are insurance options available to help them cover their medical costs.

Here are some of the top health insurance providers in India:

ICICI Bank Health Insurance

One of the top insurance health providers in India is ICICI Bank Health Insurance. This insurance agency is renowned for providing a complete health insurance policy coverage. The complete health insurance policy covers daycare expenses for advanced, technological surgical procedures that need less than 24 hours of hospitalization. Moreover, it covers the medical expenses that you incur during hospitalization for more than 24 hours – medicine costs included.

ICICI’s complete health coverage also covers the medical expenses patients incur 30 days before and 60 days post hospitalization. Additionally, the offer coverage for pre-existing diseases. However, this coverage is available to members who have received continuous coverage from ICICI for 2 to 4 years.

This private health insurance company also offers floater benefit. This offers floater cover to your family members and any dependents. They are covered for the same amount insured under a single policy. You are only required to pay one premium amount. An advantage of this policy is that it offers coverage to anyone aged above three months. However, at least one adult must be covered under the same policy.

ICICI’s health coverage also has lifelong renewability. What’s more, their policy allows for cashless hospitalization. However, this option is only available in hospitals or providers under ICICI’s network. They also offer free health check-ups at designated centers. ICICI offers multiple optional add-ons that cover convalescence, outpatient treatment, newborn baby expenses, and maternity expenses.

Religare Health Insurance

Religare Health Insurance is also a top health insurance provider in India. As with all worthwhile providers, it aims to provide quality coverage to all those who can access health services.

Some of the hospitals in their network include Aakash Hospital, Aditya Hospital, and Ruby General Hospital among others. Getting health coverage from Religare Health Insurance is advantageous because you will have access to cashless hospitalization for more than 24 hours, diagnostic tests, surgeries, nursing care, hospital accommodation, and consultation fees.

One of the most recent coverage policies that Religare offers is the Religare Health Insurance Joy Plan. This policy is specifically meant for providing comprehensive coverage for any costs related to having a baby, and maternity coverage as well. The policy has a waiting period of 9 months, and it also carries numerous benefits to expectant mothers and newborn babies.


Since 2008, PolicyBazaar has been providing health insurance coverage to Indians, enabling them to have access to essential medical services. This provider has a wide range of health insurance plans to ensure that you and or your family stay healthy.

For most people, the well-being of their families is a priority. As a result, most individuals opt to take up the floater coverage. Fortunately, PolicyBazaar offers this health insurance coverage. With their floater coverage, you may be able to take your child to receive medical care from other private health providers without having to worry about the costs.

This policy covers all the family members under one family health plan. An advantage of this policy is that it is cost friendly as compared to buying separate policies. Moreover, there isn’t a lot of work involved if it is a member of the family, so long as you inform the company. The downside to this health plan is that it is fixed. Therefore, if one family member exhausts it on his/her treatment within the policy term, no other family member can be covered by it.

HDFC ERGO Insurance

HDFC ERGO Insurance is a top private health insurance provider India. You may opt to get your health coverage from them because they provide a couple of health plans at an affordable price. HDFC’s Medical Insurance Plan coverage is not only broad, but also affordable.

Their policies also provide cashless claims in over 6000 of their network hospitals. This healthcare policy is very beneficial because it offers maternity coverage and e-opinion for critical illnesses with the gold plan. Their critical illness insurance policy offers you or your family coverage against diseases such as heart attacks, cancer, and paralysis among other ailments under a single policy. They also have a platinum plan to offer you with enhanced protection against serious illnesses. This plan offers coverage against 15 serious illnesses. Moreover, if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, HDFC ERGO Insurance can provide you with a lump sum payment to cater for your treatment.