Top 3 Indian Dating Sites

India is a vast country with a lot of diverse terrain. With a population of over one billion people, it is fast becoming an urban jungle. Because of this vast population, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd, especially when you’re looking for love. About finding love, how do you even ago about that these days? How do you stand out from the rest of the crowd in this country to ensure you’re being seen by all of your potential matches? By utilizing dating sites, that’s how! So, without further ado, we shall take a look at the top three dating sites for India, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.


First and foremost, Mingle2 is 100 percent free, which is very difficult to find a site such as this. Thanks to the site’s accessibility, many individuals have found true love. Unfortunately, with the site being free, there is a catch. Mingle2 is inundated with advertisements, so users have to be very organized when browsing profiles.

Of course, biggest advantage of Mingle2 is the ability to discover matches on your own. Indeed, most sites force you to connect to a match immediately upon registering for the site, but not this one.

Also, there is an immense amount of people who have signed up for the site. Mingle2 has over six million registered users and on any given day up to three million people can be on the site. Plus, if you are only interested in matches from India, you are more than welcome to limit your geographical preferences.

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IndiaMatch is a specialized site, which means that it is more likely you will find an Indian profile than catch-all dating sites. Of course, the drawbacks to this site include the paid subscription ($19.95 per month) and that there is a bit more men profiles than women (sorry guys). However, the benefits of this site far outweigh the negatives.

IndiaMatch is run by People Media, which is a company that always strives for only the best online dating experiences. The site has roughly 40,000 subscribers and nearly 125,000 visits each day. Subscribers stay for an average of around nine minutes.

This site has Indians with shared beliefs, cultures, and incomes, and they are all looking for love!

One of the largest dating sites in India would be that of QuackQuack. The site boasts a daily population of 3.75 million people and has over 40,000 chats daily. If you are looking for a solid partner of Indian descent, you are sure to find it on this site. All you have to do is just look at the testimonials to understand why this is probably the best Indian dating site out there.

First of all, there are countless testimonies of individuals who were just looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend, but ended up finding the love of their life instead. One of the other hallmarks of these testimonials would be the fact that many matches find out they have an immense number of things in common. Another great thing about this site is the algorithm they offer. Indians are able to find a profile based solely on their own interests.

QuackQuack has a very strict in ensuring that each and every profile is 100 percent verified. Naturally, that is one of the things that turn Indians and other people off from online dating – determining whether the profile is fully authentic.

There is another wrinkle that many wrote about in their testimonials – that of family approval. Of course, India is known for only permitting marriage through family ties, and many from the older generation have a difficult time approving of this new way of finding a mate. However, some of the testimonials mention how friends are able to convince families of the value of some of the partners introduced on this site – definitely another mark in QuackQuack’s favor.

So, if you are looking for your next love interest in India, you really cannot go wrong with these top three sites. Give them a try (especially the last one) and see how things turn out!