Top 10 Dog Breeds

If you love dogs, you already know that selecting the top 10 dog breeds is a tougher task than it sounds. You can look at creating such a list from so many angles! You may have your own opinions on the cutest dog breed, the smartest dog breed, the most loyal dog breed or the best rescue dogs.

To simplify matters, it can be helpful to take a look at building a list of the best dog breeds from a dog breeder’s perspective. Without further ado, hear what professionals in the dog breeding world have to say about the breeds that make the top 10.

Breed #10: Boxers

Like the rottweiler, the boxer makes for an excellent guard dog. In fact, boxers have the singular distinction of being the first dogs to join the German police force. Boxers are medium-sized dogs with high energy levels, so they can never resist a good athletic challenge.

Their short coats show off their immense physical power and agility, which, when coupled with the boxer’s bright, inquisitive and fun-loving personality means they make for great pets.

Breed #9: Rottweilers

The rottweiler has a fearsome name but a very friendly face. With an ancient and royal lineage dating all the way back to the city of Rome, the rottweiler has retained its loyal, steady and loving personality all the way through to today.

Rottweilers are frequently tasked with guard duty, since they thrive when they have a “job” to do and they are strong, confident dogs.

Breed #8: Poodles

As a breed, the poodle comes in three sizes: toy, mini and standard. If you have ever seen a dog walking down the street sporting a really unique haircut, chances are good it was a poodle you were looking at.

Poodles are friendly, sensitive and smart dogs that are easy to train. They also crave “together time” with their keepers and can be surprisingly cuddly given their regal appearance.

Breed #7: Yorkshire terriers.

The Yorkshire terrier, or “Yorkie” for short, has a long, silky coat and a petite build that has cemented their popularity as pets since the late 1800s. One thing owners often say is that their Yorkie doesn’t realize he is a small dog. They have very big personalities and loads of confidence.

Long accustomed to their preferred place as lap pets to members of high society, it goes without saying that Yorkies love affection and attention.

Breed #6: French bulldogs

French bulldogs are often confused with bulldogs, which is an easy oops since their names are so similar. But French bulldogs are smaller than bulldogs and less active. They are very playful and smart, and their cute little pointy ears and immaculate black coats make them irresistible pets.

French bulldogs, sometimes nicknamed “Frenchies” for short, make particularly great pets for families that include young children. They are also great pets for single people since they can be happy without others around.

Breed #5: Beagles

Beagles are just bursting with personality. Their bright, curious natures make them fun family companions. You won’t ever lack for adventure with the family beagle around! Beagles are medium-sized dogs with beautiful golden coats.

Originally descended from foxhounds, beagles have retained their spot as the fifth most popular dog breed for the last two years.

Breed #4: Bulldogs

Bulldogs are a very calm and confident dog breed. With their cute turned-up, squashed-in faces and soulful eyes, it is no wonder they hold on to their number four ranking year after year.

Originally hailing from the British Isles, the laid-back bulldog is one of the best dogs for apartments, since their calm nature means they don’t need a lot of activity apart from regular walks.

Breed #3: Golden retrievers

Golden retrievers are often confused with Labrador retrievers. And truly, both breeds share many of the same qualities. They are loving, loyal, devoted and smart. Because they respond so well to training, you may have noticed the common sight of a golden retriever serving as a service dog to the blind or disabled.

Golden retrievers have also starred in a number of television programs, including the popular series “Full House.”

Breed #2: German shepherds

As with the Labrador retriever, the German shepherd has held onto its number two ranking in the top 10 dog breeds for the last three years. These dogs are frequently featured in search and rescue missions because they are so courageous, loyal and intelligent.

Their coat may contain as many as 11 colors and they are great workers, making the German shepherd a great dog for an active family with a love for being outdoors.

Breed #1: Labrador retrievers

Labrador retrievers, or just “labs” for short, have retained their number one status as the most popular dog breed for many years. Perhaps they are still number one because they are so friendly and outgoing, which makes them one of the hands-down best dog breeds for families.

You may not know that labs come in three coat colors: black, yellow and chocolate brown. Even though Labrador retrievers are sizable when full grown, they are known to be affectionate and gentle dogs.

If you saw your personal favorite dog breed listed here, clearly you share some very enthusiastic company nationwide. Even if your favorite breed didn’t make this particular list, you can always make your own and place your beloved canine companion right at the top of your list! One of the best uses for top 10 dog breed lists, of course, is to help new dog keepers choose a breed that will thrive in their unique situation, whether they are single and living in a small space or part of a large family and living on a huge plot of land. This ensures both dog and keeper will find maximum joy in their lives together.

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