How to Save Money on Diapers

Everyone loves their new little bundle of joy, but babies can be costly — especially when it comes to diapers. The cost of diapers has only gone up as brands compete against each other to offer more comfortable and fashionable diapers with a myriad of new features. The sometimes outrageous cost of diapers has led many frantic parents on the search for any sort of savings on diapers that they can find.

Thankfully, there are many ways to save on diapers so you can focus on bonding with your new baby rather than fretting about high diaper costs.

Coupons Can Offer Great Savings

But where to find diaper coupons? Surely they don’t just grow on trees or fall from the heavens?

Don’t fret! There are tons of ways to get your hands on baby diaper coupons. Some of these I have tried myself and some are tips I’ve gotten from very trusted friends:

Directly from the manufacturer is always a good start

A friend of mine turned me on to this several years ago when I had my first daughter. You’d be surprised by the amount of companies that appreciate some good, positive feedback. Sending in a polite email saying how much you enjoy their products can yield several coupons.

The same can be said when something goes wrong — if you open up a pack and find there’s not as many diapers as were advertised, or there are diapers that weren’t sealed correctly, many companies will send out coupons to help encourage you to stick with their brand.

Local stores also offer plenty of baby diaper coupons

Especially if you’re lucky enough to live near two competing stores. Stores can only advertise prices as being so low, and there’s typically a price point that they “shouldn’t” go under. Next time you go to the store, pick up one of the store’s advertisers. Though they sometimes can’t state the price of an item, they will usually give you an idea of when certain items will be on sale or when there will be coupons available for them.

Also, scan the shelves at your local store, as you can sometimes find coupons hanging from the shelving. Other stores have a designated area for store coupons. Ask the general merchandise manager of your local store where you can find coupons, and when the store might be offering them.

Magazines and newspapers

Most people already know that you can find plenty of great coupons in newspapers, but not as many are familiar with the coupons you can find in magazines. Whether these are store magazines (big shopping centers like Walmart occasionally release store magazines that include coupons), or specialty magazines such as parenting and motherhood magazines, you can find baby diaper coupons throughout many different magazines.

Next time you take your baby to their check-up, look at the ‘take one’ parenting magazines, and enjoy the savings!

Online coupons are a great way to get savings on diapers

All you have to do is find a credible source and print out diaper coupons to your heart’s content. There are many online coupon resources, and it’s easy to find out through the BBB and user reviews if the site you’re using is legit or not!

Free coupon sites

There are a lot of free coupon sites specifically designed to help out with babies. All you need to do is sign up to receive their free email offers, and they will both email coupons and tips to you as well as send physical coupons to your mailing address. These have been a godsend to my family, as we’re about to have our third little girl!

Buy the Diapers That Are On Sale

Don’t worry too much about trying to stick with one brand of diapers or another. If you happen to see diapers on sale, grab them. There aren’t a ton of big differences between diaper brands to begin with.

Some stores still allow for coupons to be coupled with on sale items. Check with your local stores to find out if they allow it for even more savings!

Be Willing to Try Store Brands

Much in the same vein as snatching up diapers when they’re on sale, be willing to try out store brand diapers. I know I was pleasantly surprised when I broke down and bought some dollar store brand diapers. They quickly became one of my favorite diaper brands to use and were oftentimes still cheaper than on-brand diapers even with coupons applied.

Buy Baby Diapers in Bulk

Though the prices on the giant box of diapers may seem pretty expensive, the price per unit is actually a lot better. You can usually save a few dollars in the long run by buying diapers in bulk than buying a few smaller packs here and there. If you go with coupons, they often have the best coupons paired with the bulk sizes. I’ve noticed that stores also tend to have these on sale more often than the smaller packs.

Reusable Diapers Can Help to Space Out Disposable Diapers

If you’re really focused on saving money on diapers, you can always look into reusable diapers. You don’t have to make a complete switch over — otherwise, all the money you save on diapers will be used on detergent! However, having a few reusable diapers to help space out the disposables is a great idea.

If you’re worried about a mess, make sure you also get the rubber undies that go over cloth diapers. There are also plenty of specialty diaper places that sell all-inclusive reusable diapers. I highly encourage all of you to get at least a few of these to help with diaper costs.

Dabble in the Diaper-Free Movement

If you’re feeling brave, you can take a peek at what is being called the ‘diaper-free movement’. It’s not as scary as it sounds. There are several books and helpful websites on this early potty training method. And in spite of the name, you are encouraged to keep diapers around until your baby has a better understanding of their bodily functions and for any long outings you might go on.

Baby Showers Are Great for Diapers

Don’t waste this fun opportunity to get some diapers. Add 2 – 3 packs of newborn diapers, 2 – 4 packs of size ones and twos, and 3 – 5 packs of size 3s (which your baby will spend most of their time in). Let your friends and family know that you aren’t picky about brands if they’re concerned, and let them know that it’ll be fine if they decide to give you diapers in addition to a more ‘fun’ gift for baby.

Following any of this advice will help you save big time when it comes to diapers. It’s not hard or complicated, and it’s completely worth the little bit of time you would potentially have to spend on it.