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About SocialPick

Your choices matter, even when it seems like they don’t.

From coping with a chronic illness to deciding which car to buy and every experience – both the obviously significant and the seemingly trivial – in between, the choices you make are the stones that pave the path your life takes.

We created SocialPick because we understand how important it is to make the right choice, and we believe you can’t make the right choice without first asking the right questions. Lucky for you, asking the right questions is our specialty.

SocialPick works like this:

First, we choose a problem to dig into. We try to focus on situations and problems you’re likely to encounter in your everyday life.

Once we’ve chosen our subject, our experts research it thoroughly, focusing on finding and answering the most common questions people have about the subject. Our experts help ensure that the questions and answers we provide are accurate and relevant.

Once we have our questions and our answers, the real magic happens when SocialPick users (that’s you!) react to the articles with how you feel. You have six options for reactions. Thumbs up for the articles you approve of, the love emote for the articles you love, the laughing emote for the articles you find funny, the shock emote for the topics that shock and surprise you, the crying emote for the articles you find sad, and the anger emote for the articles you disapprove of.

Take a look at our topics, do a search to see if we have advice on an experience you’re currently going through, and react to the ones that most interest you. So react together and become a part of the SocialPick community!