Find the Best Psychic Readings of 2018

Psychic readings are no longer limited to gimmicky booths at street fairs or dimly-lit studios that you visit on vacation just for fun. The true power of psychic intuition has now hit mainstream with reality television shows like Medium, and most people now realize that the ability to communicate with someone who has passed away or to predict the future isn’t all hype. If you’re curious about psychic readings, it’s important to understand the different types of readings available. This guide will give you a closer look at the industry of psychic reading. We hope that it will help you decide what type of reading is best for you and which online services are the best fit for your goals.

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Why Get a Psychic Reading?

Some people receive psychic readings out of curiosity while others depend on their psychics to make informed decisions for their life. It often starts with a burning question or an emotional difficulty that leaves you reaching for help beyond this world.

For instance, you may wonder when you will meet the love of your life or if you will ever get that much-deserved promotion. You may also seek the advice of a psychic if you’ve lost a loved one or need deep insight into your life to overcome a trauma or to get unstuck during a difficult period of your life.

How Do Online Psychic Readings Work?

Psychics are now taking advantage of all avenues of modern communication. You can call a psychic, talk through online chat, connect with Skype or even send email and text messages. Many psychic services charge by the minute, but there are a few that give you a flat rate so that you always know what you’re going to pay upfront.

Most online services allow you to select from a variety of psychics after reading their bios. You can develop an ongoing relationship with one trusted psychic or try someone new each time. The best services offer psychics with various skills, so you can receive a tarot card reading one day and then go back to consult with a medium on another day.

Types of Psychic Readings

The term “psychic” is used to describe any person with the power to accurately deliver information that isn’t readily known or easily discovered in our world. They seem to see, hear, and understand things that the rest of us simply don’t get. While they all possess amazing powers that can help you understand parts of your life and even predict your future, the methods that they use to deliver a psychic reading vary.

Tarot Reading

Tarot card readers use decks of cards featuring special images to determine information about a person or situation. These specialized cards come in sets of 78, and each card carries deep meaning. When a skilled tarot card reader shuffles the cards and presents them on the table, she can use the meaning of individual cards and the interaction between the cards to deliver an accurate psychic reading.

Fortune Telling

This is a category of psychic reading that includes a variety of strategies. It’s not all about gazing into a magical ball. For instance, numerology and astrology are popular methods now used for fortune telling. The goal is to predict something that is going to happen in your future.

Love Psychics

This term refers to a psychic specializing in answering questions of the heart. The methods used to deliver the reading may vary.


If you would like to connect with someone who has passed away or you’re struggling to accept the untimely death of a loved one, a medium may serve as the connecting force between you and the deceased. A medium has a special gift that opens them to the other side, allowing them to communicate with and deliver messages from those who have passed from our world.

Other Psychic Powers

Psychic powers also vary in how they impact the psychic. A clairvoyant sees colors, images, locations, and other visual information that others don’t see. Someone who experiences emotions and feelings that guide them to a message are said to have the gift of clairsentience. Clairaudience is the ability to hear things on a level unknown to others, and claircognizance is the power of just knowing things intuitively.

Best Sites for Psychic Readings

Now that you understand the differences between psychic powers, how do you find trustworthy, legitimate psychic readings online?

If you aren’t sure which of these services will work for you, take advantage of the deals extended to new customers. Try different services until you find that one psychic you connect with naturally or a few different psychics with different skills.

Meet Your Psychic

This is our preferred psychic reading service because they don’t charge by the minute. You’re given a flat price for the reading before your session begins, and the psychic may choose to go over your time limit to complete the reading. You’re never charged extra when that happens. You can connect with your psychic through online chat, telephone, text, or email.

Psychic Source

This service has been around for more than 25 years and is one of the most well-respected source of online psychic readings. Take advantage of their discounts for new customers, including getting your first three minutes free. You can connect with your psychic through video chat, online chat, or the telephone. Their psychics use a variety of tools, including tarot cards.


We recommend this service for anyone with a tight schedule. If it’s more convenient for you to schedule your psychic readings and connect with your psychic from your phone or tablet while on the go, use the Keen app. You can select from a variety of psychics, each with their own pricing. You can also schedule your reading, allowing the psychic to call you back at a certain time.


Choose to chat with the psychic of your choice online or on the phone. They test and carefully screen all of their psychics, weeding out those who just want to make money but have no real psychic ability. This increases the accuracy of the readings. The psychics are ranked, so you can select a master psychic or pay less for a top-rated psychic. They offer ongoing discounts for new customers.